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So the Shark season started April 30 with the Sharks visiting Skövde for a double header. It did continue this Sunday with Karlstad visiting Shark Park for the home opener double header.

Visiting Skövde

The team went to Skövde full of energy looking for a good season. Skövde returned to baseball a while ago. So they are now both baseball and softball once again. Their very successfull softball team gathered some producing talents which spilled over to baseball, why you can watch both games on youtube. We simply can’t thank you enough for your media dedication Skövde!

Game one could be watched at Skövde Saints youtube-channel. Box score and play by play is also available.

Game two did not become much more exciting than the first. The Sharks took an early lead and never looked back. Watch the re-run and/or the box score.

Home opener

Karlstad visited Göteborg this sunny and partially windy Sunday. The stands were almost full with new faces and seasoned ones.

Karlstad played baseball in the nineties under the tag name Suns. Karlstad revived 2022 under the name Karlstad Loggers. Pay them a visit!

Despite the overcoming the challenges coming with forming a new team, they did succeed finding some local talent and brought it to Shark Park for the Sharks home opener.

The first game was really nervewrecking and had to be decided in the eigth inning with two outs. After both teams enjoyed their tie break runners it had to be decided old school. Both teams gave it all but the Sharks came out on top!

After a well deserved break, the teams took on game two! The Sharks flexed the depth in their roster compared to Karlstads´ and took advantange of it. After almost six full innings it was all over.

Four and O

The sharks are still undefeated 2022! Tranås is next on the menu which they will play sixth of June! Take a moment and check out the Sharks schedule. Next home game for the Sharks is July second. Check out the standings and see for yourself!

But wait, there is more ball coming to Shark Park

We mentioned that Karlstad just came back to Baseball. Unfortunate for them, fortunate for the Gothenburg audience, baseball will return to Shark Park sooner than July! The Karlstad home field will not be available for quite some time. It will be a home field though. Forming a new team comes with challanges, a field is one of them. We heard that the city will help them, but the administration that comes with it will take some time.

Karlstad will head for Tranås before returning to Shark Park on May 29 where they will play Malmö.

See you there?

Sharks are back in Shark Park!

The Sharks reached the playoffs in the regional division! Also, the games are played in Shark Park!

So we mentioned that the last home game of the season was a couple of weeks back. We obviously lied, sorry about that. The Sharks (7-5) are in the playoffs and is scheduled to play Gefle BSC (8-4) in the semis on Saturday 11/9 at 15:00.

The winner will face Enköpings BSK (8-4) in the final on Sunday at 12:00.

Winner of Sundays game will join Los Nicas (11-1), Enskede (11-1) and Malmö (9-3) in the series for the trophy and possibly a spot in the Eliteseries.

The Sharks has not played any of the remaining teams during the regular season except Malmö.

Come and join us in Shark park on Saturday for an afternoon game at 15:00 and hopefully for a Sundays game at 12:00.

Welcome back!

The 2021 season is up and waiting for us and we’re allowed to watch the games!

First game of the 2021 season June 13 at Shark Park

Welcome to Shark Park and watch the Sharks take on Alby Stars. More on that below.

Play by play

So there are some news when coming back from the 2020 hibernation year. The league has adopted a new scoring system, which will allow you to follow the games play by play. You could probably expect some hickups, that will hopefully become better as the season progresses. The system is new to the scorers and alot of technical things needs to work together with the personell. Hopefully this will help you keep an remote eye on the Sharks!

New league site for the season

The league has moved to the new site where you besides the Shark games could the see the roster. Please note that the site adopted the American game format [Away team] @ [Home team], meaning that the games versus Alby will be our home opener this Sunday (June 13) at 12:00.

Scouting report on the Alby Stars

As the team posted they come prepared to the home opener. We have to rely on the numbers from game 1 and game 2. A quick glance tells that 3B Demond Wilshire stand out after an incredible game 1.

See you at Shark Park!

That’s it for this quick post to let you know that is back and let you know that you should make room in Sunday’s schedule.

The Sharks are back in business

Word just came out that the Gothenburg Sharks did in fact reach the post season qualifier to the play offs! It turned out that City/Kungsängen and Gefle declined their spots in the qualifier round. That opens up for Gothenburg Sharks and one more team to be decided to join Tranås and Bromölla.

The location of the event is not yet decided! The Sharks could apply for the event. That would require some extra effort of the people around the Sharks ball organization, and it is not sure that the club could commit to such an event. Make sure you notify Shark management if you are interested as a volunteer. Speakers, kiosk staff, coordinator etc is needed for such an effort.

However, the date is set to September 7th for the qualification round. So mark your calendars accordingly!

To keep the team in shape and on their toes there will be a friendly tournament played the last day of August between Skövde and Kungsbacka. The three game fiendly tournament will be played at Shark Park August 31.

Busy weekend concludes the season!

The Sharks have had their fair share of baseball this weekend! The team kicked it off with a double header versus Malmö away! A three hour car ride (if you inlclude a brief “fika”, which every baseball player should) to our closest away game.

The forecast has been a factor this weekend. It didn’t look good for baseball, turned out to be awesome ball game weather. Almost no rain and the fields in both Malmö and Shark Park held up perfectly!

The Sharks were chaising a play off spot with four games in two days. The Sunday games were the rainouts from earlier this summer. This was pretty much the last chance to get them going.

Malmö away

The weekend started out good winning first in Malmö. The sharks were down by one run in the middle of the game but smelled blood and fed off the Malmö releaver Eriksson and scored two in fifth, four in sixth and held it after the seventh inning. Final score 11 – 8.

The second game started with the first two Malmö players scoring. That was pretty much all that happened that game. The Malmö starter Peguero held the Sharks scoreless after four and tossed the ball over to the same Eriksson that finished the second game. Not sure if the Sharks weren’t hungry any more or if Eriksson just found his perfume fooling the Sharks noses. Nine Sharks went up to the batters box and nine went back to the dug out, heads down. Three very fast innings for the Sharks just when they wanted to recover their self confidence from the starter. Game ended 2 – 0.

Tranås visits Gothenburg

This double header has really struggled to find a home in the schedule after the initial rain out. After been tossed around in the calendar a few times, today was the day. Not very optimal for the Sharks after two games on the road. Nothing much to do than try to get a good nights sleep and wake up with a smile! Baseball today!

The Tranås starter Casanova did flirt the Sharks bats initially, however after three innings he broke up with each and every one of them. Tranås did lit up their bats before the game started. In the first three innings the Tranås scored twice as many runs as the Sharks. The Sharks scored six in the first three innings. Allthough the Sharks did try to chase Tranås for a while, it was in wain. Final score 14-9 in favor of Tranås. The Gothenburg Sharks hope for a play off spot definately ended there and then.

Game two did look like it was the Sharks opening up their steam tank just to finish the season in good manners after the teams entered the fifth 3-3. Tranås scored 1, Gothenburg scored 4. Tranås scored nothing top six and Gothenburg scored five more runs. The Sharks entered the seventh and supposedly last inning with an eight run lead. It turned out the fat lady wasn’t done just yet. After some really good offence from Tranås mixed with some really, really, bad and ignorant defence from the Sharks, Tranås entered mid seven ahead 13-12.

What did just happen there?

Four Tranås players batted around before the Sharks finally got hold of them selves, letting nine runs top seven.

However, the lady wasn’t done singing just yet. The Sharks came back from that and scored one to tie the game and forcing extra innings. A scoreless eight inning followed up by Tranås scoring two in the top ninth. I guess everybody thought the game was over by then. Well except for the Sharks! They did pull them self together and quickly scored two for the tie and then finally drove in the winning run bottom nine.

This probably summerizes the season quite well. Really good baseball mixed with some plays that calls for some more practice. The Sharks doesn’t need to worry where the play offs are played this year unless they want to go as spectators. Some misstakes early in the season could have been repaired the last weekend of the season. Even if the Sharks were hungry enough, their teeth wasn’t sharpened enough.

Even though this weekend did taste a bit bitter, there are plenty of things to bring from the season into the next! More on that later on. Now, just mourn this weekend.


The Shark management, after consulting weather forecasts, has decided to move the double header versus Tranås on Thursday May 30, The outlooks are rain, rain, more rain and windy. No weather suitable for baseball.

The dates that are looked into for rescheduling the games are late June or late August. Follow on facebook and subscribe to the events for the latest updates.

Tranås time, again and again!

The team just got back from a double header in Tranås! Two W was packed in the cars heading back. Tranås doesn’t have to wait long for a re-match! Come to Shark Park on Thursday (May 30 at 12:00) and watch the teams battle the Wins again!

We’re playing a total of six games vs Tranås this season and they are all in the first half of the season.

We’re started si and so in the home opener by spliting the two game series. The first game was won in the first tie-breaking inning by the Sharks after a huge comback by the Sharks forcing the eight where the Sharks scored first. The second game was off to a really good start but the Gothenburg defence broke down in the sixth leaving them no chance for another comeback, even though the Sharks did score in both sixth and seventh.

Sunday’s games did show sharks that had a few games under their belts. The team won first 5-7 and also the second 10-12. This makes the team still be in a the same position in the series, but much more comfortable with four wins and two losses. Currently one game behind.

Standings per 2019-05-27

Tranås probably would like to capitalize on their good games in Shark Park from the opening series. Gothenburg needs to prove themselves that they could dominate games on their home turf. We’re looking forward to see a team that proves that they would like one of the top spots in the series.

Come and watch the games on Thursday! First pitch at 12:00. The second game starts half an hour after the first ended. Approximately just before 15:00.

Time to sprint to the play offs!

We’re at the last games of the regular season. The Sharks (6-6) are currently located in the upper part of the Swedish second division (Regional series) at sixth place.

Here’s how the playoff works:
The top three teams qualify for the second round playoffs where the winner could earn a spot in the Elite series.
Teams placed 4-7 will have to play a first round qualifying playoff to earn the forth spot with the top placed teams in the second round.

The Sundbyberg Heat B will not take part in the playoffs since Sundbyberg Heat is already in the Elite series.

The Sharks are scheduled to play Skövde Saints in back to back double headers (this Sunday August 19th at Shark Park and Sunday September 2nd in Skövde). Four games to go. That will put us in an excellent position to reach the first round of the playoffs with an outside chance to go straight to the second round.

The Gothenburg Sharks are two games ahead of Enskede, Gefle and Skellefteå who are all in position to make it to the first round playoffs. Gefle and Skellefteå only has two games left to play while Enskede has six.

Looking upwards, Uppsala has nine wins and five games left to play. Tranås currently in a position to qualify straight to the second round also sits on nine wins with four games to go.

In the unlikely event of Tranås are swept by Karlskoga and Alby and Uppsala are swept by Enskede and Stockholm B (and possibly a postponed game vs Sundbyberg B) the Sharks has a chance to qualify straight to the second round.

Winning at least three games out of the four left versus Skövde Saints will guarantee the Sharks a spot in first round play offs regardless how the other teams perform.

The league just announced that the first round playoffs are held in Umeå (8-9/9) and the second round is hosted in Karlskoga (15-16/9).

Umeå is located some 1000km ride by car up north in Sweden.

Join us for the last home game of the season at Shark Park on Sunday 19/8. First pitch at 12!

Welcome to the 2015 season!

So the Schedule for the 2015 season is official. The first game of the season is away vs Botkyrka on the 2:nd of May. Gothenburg Sharks won the last series of the season, the series to stay in the Elitserien vs Botkyrka. It so happened that Karlskoga Bats decided to leave the Elitseries and reboot in the second division. Bokyrka took Karlskogas spot. This season starts how the last one ended, versus Botkyrka.

Join our events on the on facebook to make sure you get updates and get a notification when the we’re closer to gameday.

The home opener will be a week later, the 9th of May vs Leksand Lumberjacks. Leksand lost the championship to Stockholm in the 5th and final game of the final series.

First round of play down series vs Karlskoga

The Sharks were heading for Karlskoga for the first round of play down series. In 2013 the managed to win the third and deciding game away in Alby. Alby eventually lost to Sölvesborg who took Albys spot in the Elitseries.
Karlskoga almost managed to avoid a playdown spot but Leksand lost one game to Sölvesborg in the last round and forced Karlskoga to the first playdown round instead of to the play offs for the cup.

Althought he forecast projected light rain, the weather decided against. It was pouring at times and when the light rain took over it was just enough to keep the field wet. Since the teams were running out of days to play the series, they did all they could to get at least one game going. The field in Karlskoga is located on a hill of rocks and sand, perfect to let the water go quickly. That gave the Karlskoga team some hopes to get a game going despite of the puddles on the field, if it just would stop rain.
The teams were in luck. Some time after 1600 it was decided that they should get a game going and around 1700 the Umpire called out “Play ball!”.

Karlskoga Pitcher Parker Talbert was phenominal on the hill the six innings he were allowed to pitch. Niklas Hellerstedt started for Gothenburg and Christian Göttlisher took over after Niklas got in trouble after a few innings. The Karlskoga was up 14-1 after six innings. Gothenburg was forced to score at least four runs in top seven to keep the game alive. Some time there, Karlskoga did some substitutions, removing two solid players from the line up adding younger players. Gothenburg moved Patric Laffin from catching to center field adding Lundborg for catching. Khazal took over third from Weidolf. Previously Ted Bratsberg substituted Niklas Ekström on first base.
The Sharks rose to the occasion and gave Karlskoga pitching a hard time scoring just enough runs to keep the game alive and continued to score two more runs in the eight! Gothenburg entered top eight with five runs for and 14 against. Karlskoga was forced to a pitcher change when the coach for the second time entered the field in top eight with two outs and left the ball to Karlskoga veteran Kent Karlsson with Karlskoga ahead .
The Sharks got the upper hand on Karlsson directly in the top ninth by producing solid hits from the burning hot Gothenburg bats. Karlskoga was still ahead eight runs but the Sharks wasn’t interested in giving up. The first five at bats all scored. Fredrik Lundborg finally got to third with two outs, representing the tying run after a phenominal comeback by the Sharks. The go-ahead-run was on second represented by Göttlisher after 10 at bats for the inning. Karlskoga managed two outs during the inning. Kahzal was at the plate for the second time of the inning and everyone was ready for the miracle! It was in some sense really well deserved after picking up the game almost tying it despite they were down 13 runs not even three innings ago. In some other sense, Karlskoga deserved to walk off with the win in game one. Kahzal hits a groundball to third which manages the paly to first for the game. So very close for an awesome comeback.

The Sharks lost the second game of the series 12-2 that was eventually played when the rain calmed down on Sunday. This puts the Sharks in the second round of the down series.

The Sharks must now play either Botkyrka or Rättvik for a second chance to stay in the Eliteseries. The rain has caused some trouble for the commissioner of finding a way to play all games. The current idea is to play the qualifying games on Sunday. Actually, it looks like whatever scenario we’re looking at, we’re playing ball in Shark Park on Sunday! See you there for games that means a lot for the future of the ball club.