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Opening day is 5½ weeks away

Even though the weather here in Gothenburg is not very supportive at the moment, we are only 5½ weeks away from opening day at Shark Park. It will be a double header versus Akademin. Gothenburg is currently  showing off a thin layer of snow and the temperature is balancing on the freezing point.

Akademin, or perhaps the Academy as one translation would be, are some of the brightest shining stars of the youth players in Sweden. They study at the baseball high school (Swedish: Gymnasium) in Leksand. As part of their training they play the first half of the Elitserien. Akademin has previously had it very tough against the Gothenburg Sharks. Even though we would like to wish them a great season, I can’t really cheer for a great start.

The 2002 season opener was vs Akademin as well. The double header ended 6-2 and 6-5.

Anders Ekberg had a great start of the season and was 2 for 3 and one RBI. Curtis Doinne started on the mound and pitched 7 innings for 9 strike outs giving up 7 hits and 2 runs. The second game was much tighter and Göteborg managed to turn the game around in the eight where they scored 2 runs for a total of 6. Kerry Fitzgerald started the second game with a whooping 5 Ks on the first three innings he pitched.