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Marquez to stay put, reporter out for season

Hibernation is over – Sharks baseball is back.
This “joke site” will continue to bring you news from around the Sharks organization.
“Maybe more so now when I don’t have shit to do”, the reporter says.

As the 2018 regional season draws closer, so does this reporter wake up from a long, winter sleep. Like last year, we will in the coming weeks (months?) bring you a preview of the 2018 season, including the full squad and the opposition. Quite possibly a more thorough preview than any other baseball website in Sweden during the last five year period.

“Not bad for a site that is often referred to as a joke”, the reporter grumbles.

Anyway, we start off with a short injury update. First of all, this reporter will not hamper the team’s performance during the upcoming season. A torn ACL will stop him from getting into action.

“I was skiing in Japan, freak accident”, he says.

Not so super, Mr Reporter.

It does sound freaky, maybe a little bit too freaky to be true. But then again, the drop off wont be noticed as the organization has added on enough firepower to be a legit candidate for Elitserien play. Quite possibly, he wouldn’t have played anyway.

Eric Marquez has during the winter nursed his knee and shoulder and should be ready to contribute on the level he expects of himself. Furthermore, Marquez has fought off the interest from the Malmö Pilots and signed a long term deal with the Sharks.

Marquz realized that winning is better than losing and that Sharks eat Pilots.

“I couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else, I love this team”, Marquez says.

Unconfirmed rumors also say that José Martinez, the club’s 2017 Best Pitcher Award winner and standout ace, is rehabbing a shoulded that on occasion held him back last season.

Martinez with the silverware.