The Sharks are back in business

Word just came out that the Gothenburg Sharks did in fact reach the post season qualifier to the play offs! It turned out that City/Kungsängen and Gefle declined their spots in the qualifier round. That opens up for Gothenburg Sharks and one more team to be decided to join Tranås and Bromölla.

The location of the event is not yet decided! The Sharks could apply for the event. That would require some extra effort of the people around the Sharks ball organization, and it is not sure that the club could commit to such an event. Make sure you notify Shark management if you are interested as a volunteer. Speakers, kiosk staff, coordinator etc is needed for such an effort.

However, the date is set to September 7th for the qualification round. So mark your calendars accordingly!

To keep the team in shape and on their toes there will be a friendly tournament played the last day of August between Skövde and Kungsbacka. The three game fiendly tournament will be played at Shark Park August 31.