Monthly Archives: September 2013

Now the season is really over

The Sharks left the season semi early by winning the series versus Alby. We don’t know what would have happened if we lost that game. We do know that Alby lost two straight games to Sölvesborg and by that lost their Eliteseries status.

We welcome Sölvesborg to the Elitseries! Karl Knutsson lead Sölvesborg through the playoffs and finally to a spot in the highest league. Something the Sölvesborg team have been longing for (2:25 into this clip).

In the other end of the series we do have a winner! Stockholm did take one win away vs Karlskoga setting the score 1-1 after two games. When the series moved to Stockholm, the Stockholm team took no chances! Back to back wins where the first game saw no more than seven innings. We congratulates Stockholm for the 2013 title! Also, the Stockholm cadets took their fourth subsequent title! Very Impressive!

We’re keen to see what the Elitseries will actually look like the 2014 season. Skövde won a spot there some years ago but decided to not take it. In April 2014 we know for sure when the schedule is set, what to expect.

Last chance to catch a game at Shark Park of 2013

The Regional team is playing a friendly against Malmö on Sunday at Shark Park. This game was supposed to be part of the regular season but Malmö failed to assemble a team on the 18:th of August. Malmö suggested a friendly a few weeks back and the Sharks made it happen.

Malmö have had their way with the Gothenburg Sharks previously this season, denying the Sharks a full seven inning game. The Sharks have put themselves on the board every single game and they are pumped to put up a fight tomorrow.

Five game series for the title

Today will be the first day of the five game series for the title versus Karlskoga and Stockholm. Both teams have not just only earned their place in that series by winning they semi final 3-0 against respective opponents. They have been the best teams over the season overall.

Karlskoga played Leksand last year in the final. Leksand won last years semi final 3-0 vs Stockholm and now the roles have turned. Stockholm won the final 2011 vs Gothenburg Sharks. We’re looking forward to quality baseball and wish them luck in the final.

Sharks won the last game of the season

The Sharks won what became the last game of the season. The three game series started with a Gothenburg Shark win on Saturday 11 to 16 and put themselves in the front seat to stay in the series without any further qualification games. The second game was interrupted in the 10th due to darkness with 6-6 on the board. That game was continued today before the scheduled last game of the series. Unfortunately the Sharks could not capitalize on the opportunity and Alby won the second game in the 12:th. The Sharks managed to keep calm and stay focused for the decisive third game. The Sharks once again stepped up and put themselves in the lead to secure their spot in the 2014 version of the Elitseries. The Sharks had a 11-3 lead in the beginning of the eighth and took another leap once there to 18-5 which also became the final score.

This ends a really tough season for the Sharks. A long way from the silver medal in 2011.

Alby gets a second chance to stay in the Elitseries playing a direct qualifying three game series versus the winner of the regional series play off. We wish them the best of luck there.

In the other end of the series, the play off for the title 2013, will Stockholm face Karlskoga Bats in a best of five game series for the title. Stockholm won three straight games versus Sundbyberg, even though the last game went into extra innings. Karlskoga did the same thing versus Leksand. That game series was on a bumpy ride. Leksand actually won game two, but the Bats claimed that the Lumberjacks used a non qualified player in that game and the appeal stood and Bats were given the win 9-0. The Bats won the final game of that series and won their spot in the final with three straight wins as well.

We wish both Stockholm and Karlskoga to play on the very top of their potential to make the series for the title a fair and exciting event.

Very good position for the Sharks

Gothenburg won the important game 1, 16-11. The second game got a bit tighter and had to be interrupted in the top 10 due to nightfall at 6-6. They will continue the second game today. If Gothenburg wins that game they have succeeded to defend their Elitseries spot. If the lose, they will have another chance in todays scheduled game.