Monthly Archives: August 2019

The Sharks are back in business

Word just came out that the Gothenburg Sharks did in fact reach the post season qualifier to the play offs! It turned out that City/Kungsängen and Gefle declined their spots in the qualifier round. That opens up for Gothenburg Sharks and one more team to be decided to join Tranås and Bromölla.

The location of the event is not yet decided! The Sharks could apply for the event. That would require some extra effort of the people around the Sharks ball organization, and it is not sure that the club could commit to such an event. Make sure you notify Shark management if you are interested as a volunteer. Speakers, kiosk staff, coordinator etc is needed for such an effort.

However, the date is set to September 7th for the qualification round. So mark your calendars accordingly!

To keep the team in shape and on their toes there will be a friendly tournament played the last day of August between Skövde and Kungsbacka. The three game fiendly tournament will be played at Shark Park August 31.

Busy weekend concludes the season!

The Sharks have had their fair share of baseball this weekend! The team kicked it off with a double header versus Malmö away! A three hour car ride (if you inlclude a brief “fika”, which every baseball player should) to our closest away game.

The forecast has been a factor this weekend. It didn’t look good for baseball, turned out to be awesome ball game weather. Almost no rain and the fields in both Malmö and Shark Park held up perfectly!

The Sharks were chaising a play off spot with four games in two days. The Sunday games were the rainouts from earlier this summer. This was pretty much the last chance to get them going.

Malmö away

The weekend started out good winning first in Malmö. The sharks were down by one run in the middle of the game but smelled blood and fed off the Malmö releaver Eriksson and scored two in fifth, four in sixth and held it after the seventh inning. Final score 11 – 8.

The second game started with the first two Malmö players scoring. That was pretty much all that happened that game. The Malmö starter Peguero held the Sharks scoreless after four and tossed the ball over to the same Eriksson that finished the second game. Not sure if the Sharks weren’t hungry any more or if Eriksson just found his perfume fooling the Sharks noses. Nine Sharks went up to the batters box and nine went back to the dug out, heads down. Three very fast innings for the Sharks just when they wanted to recover their self confidence from the starter. Game ended 2 – 0.

Tranås visits Gothenburg

This double header has really struggled to find a home in the schedule after the initial rain out. After been tossed around in the calendar a few times, today was the day. Not very optimal for the Sharks after two games on the road. Nothing much to do than try to get a good nights sleep and wake up with a smile! Baseball today!

The Tranås starter Casanova did flirt the Sharks bats initially, however after three innings he broke up with each and every one of them. Tranås did lit up their bats before the game started. In the first three innings the Tranås scored twice as many runs as the Sharks. The Sharks scored six in the first three innings. Allthough the Sharks did try to chase Tranås for a while, it was in wain. Final score 14-9 in favor of Tranås. The Gothenburg Sharks hope for a play off spot definately ended there and then.

Game two did look like it was the Sharks opening up their steam tank just to finish the season in good manners after the teams entered the fifth 3-3. Tranås scored 1, Gothenburg scored 4. Tranås scored nothing top six and Gothenburg scored five more runs. The Sharks entered the seventh and supposedly last inning with an eight run lead. It turned out the fat lady wasn’t done just yet. After some really good offence from Tranås mixed with some really, really, bad and ignorant defence from the Sharks, Tranås entered mid seven ahead 13-12.

What did just happen there?

Four Tranås players batted around before the Sharks finally got hold of them selves, letting nine runs top seven.

However, the lady wasn’t done singing just yet. The Sharks came back from that and scored one to tie the game and forcing extra innings. A scoreless eight inning followed up by Tranås scoring two in the top ninth. I guess everybody thought the game was over by then. Well except for the Sharks! They did pull them self together and quickly scored two for the tie and then finally drove in the winning run bottom nine.

This probably summerizes the season quite well. Really good baseball mixed with some plays that calls for some more practice. The Sharks doesn’t need to worry where the play offs are played this year unless they want to go as spectators. Some misstakes early in the season could have been repaired the last weekend of the season. Even if the Sharks were hungry enough, their teeth wasn’t sharpened enough.

Even though this weekend did taste a bit bitter, there are plenty of things to bring from the season into the next! More on that later on. Now, just mourn this weekend.