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Pre game Karlskoga @ Gothenburg Shark – Shark Park.

We’re looking at a double header this Saturday. First game starts 1300. What can we expect from the games? What are the stakes?

Gothenburg got one win versus Alby and one versus Leksand with six games remaining of the regular season. The Sharks ended the 2010 season with six wins after 22 games. There is still a chance to not score a all time low for the Sharks. WIth double losses the upcoming weekend the chances will be close to none to not set a new all time low.

elitserien after 16 games 2013

Elitserien after 16 games 2013

Karlskoga Bats on the other hand is on the other end of the series. Only one game behind Stockholm and they are looking for the number one spot with home game advantage in the final. Stockholm played Sundbyberg last night in a game that was cut short due to darkness. Stockholm was ahead 11 to 5 at the time. A new game is scheduled by tomorrow. Karlskoga is probably looking for two easy wins to stay alive in the run for the number one spot. Could it be that the strong Karlskoga could underestimate Gothenburg?

This game will be Karlskogas first game since Sundbyberg away on June 8. Karlskoga won game one 2-7 but lost game two 11-10. Their import Shawn Hetherington pitched six innings (max for an import) of game one (ERA 2.02). Kent Karlsson pitched game two and gave up 18 hits and 11 runs in seven innings. Paul Waterman who has been very good the past seasons pitched only 2.2 innings in game one. His ERA is a solid 2.67 with 30 innings pitched. Could we suspect some injury that prevents Waterman from starting? He started versus Alby June 1 but pitched only three full innings before Kent Karlsson re-leaved.

What could we expect from the Sharks? We have struggled with the defense for most of the season. From time to time the defense works excellent but that feeling has mostly being punctured during some part of the game letting a bunch of runs. Offensively the Sharks has the capabilities to get on base versus any team this year. There seem to be some sort of hang up when players reaches base that prevents the team to capitalize on the possibilities in the extension a fan would appreciate. The team haven’t earned the extra little things that makes it all fall in place for some reason. But there is still time to make that happen. A must when the team heads to the qualification series to stay in the Elitserien.

Good luck on Saturday! Make the plays and fire up your bats!

Four home games ends July

There are double chances to catch a Shark game the upcoming two weekends. The Regionslaget will face Malmö in a double header on Sunday 21st. Game starts at 1200. The Saturday after (27th) will be the last home game of the regular season for the Elitserie team. You are not far away from Shark Park!

The Regionslaget have had a tougher time than the Elitserie team this season and is still looking to pick up their first win. They got double double (two double headers) chances away versus Sölvesborg and ends the season home versus Malmö once again on the 18:th. The team really struggled early in the season when facing Malmö away. Have the summer practice trimmed the defense and lit their bats on fire?

We’ll look more into the details of the games vs Karlskoga Bats next week! The games could be very important for the Bats, protecting their position from teams below and also a chance to advance to first place and be guaranteed extra home games in the entire play offs.

Sundbyberg visiting Shark Park on Saturday

Sundbyberg Heat has two fewer games played than Stockholm and are four games behind. Two wins would take them a bit closer. Sundbyberg needs to take the upper hand on Gothenburg to advance further. They have Gothenburg, Stockholm, Alby and finally Gothenburg in the remaining eight games.

Sundbyberg has wins versus all teams in the top teams (Stockholm, Karlskoga and Leksand) this season and is currently holding third place in the series. The Sundbyberg pitching has been their best weapon and worst enemy. They kept Karlskoga from scoring early in the season and Michael Andersson only allowed five hits in that game. When their defense somewhat failed them, the offense has been there to pick up wins. They have scored ten runs or more in six of the seasons 14 games this far. In half of them, they allowed five runs or less.

Gothenburg needs to get a good feeling in the team before the play offs to stay in the Elitseries start. In theory Gothenburg could get a play off spot with back to back wins in the remaining eight games and Sundbyberg may not win more than two games in their double headers vs Stockholm and Alby. The same thing works vs Leksand but Leksand must not win more than one game in the four games vs Alby and Karlskoga. It would be wonderful, but with the Sharks track record for this season unlikely. Starting with a win in game one vs Sundbyberg would be a great start to the remaining eight games!

Joe Lankford had some extra practice this weekend when playing with the Elitserien Allstars in Nordic Baseball Classic.

Best of luck to the team the upcoming weekend!