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So the Shark season started April 30 with the Sharks visiting Skövde for a double header. It did continue this Sunday with Karlstad visiting Shark Park for the home opener double header.

Visiting Skövde

The team went to Skövde full of energy looking for a good season. Skövde returned to baseball a while ago. So they are now both baseball and softball once again. Their very successfull softball team gathered some producing talents which spilled over to baseball, why you can watch both games on youtube. We simply can’t thank you enough for your media dedication Skövde!

Game one could be watched at Skövde Saints youtube-channel. Box score and play by play is also available.

Game two did not become much more exciting than the first. The Sharks took an early lead and never looked back. Watch the re-run and/or the box score.

Home opener

Karlstad visited Göteborg this sunny and partially windy Sunday. The stands were almost full with new faces and seasoned ones.

Karlstad played baseball in the nineties under the tag name Suns. Karlstad revived 2022 under the name Karlstad Loggers. Pay them a visit!

Despite the overcoming the challenges coming with forming a new team, they did succeed finding some local talent and brought it to Shark Park for the Sharks home opener.

The first game was really nervewrecking and had to be decided in the eigth inning with two outs. After both teams enjoyed their tie break runners it had to be decided old school. Both teams gave it all but the Sharks came out on top!

After a well deserved break, the teams took on game two! The Sharks flexed the depth in their roster compared to Karlstads´ and took advantange of it. After almost six full innings it was all over.

Four and O

The sharks are still undefeated 2022! Tranås is next on the menu which they will play sixth of June! Take a moment and check out the Sharks schedule. Next home game for the Sharks is July second. Check out the standings and see for yourself!

But wait, there is more ball coming to Shark Park

We mentioned that Karlstad just came back to Baseball. Unfortunate for them, fortunate for the Gothenburg audience, baseball will return to Shark Park sooner than July! The Karlstad home field will not be available for quite some time. It will be a home field though. Forming a new team comes with challanges, a field is one of them. We heard that the city will help them, but the administration that comes with it will take some time.

Karlstad will head for Tranås before returning to Shark Park on May 29 where they will play Malmö.

See you there?