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The Shark management, after consulting weather forecasts, has decided to move the double header versus Tranås on Thursday May 30, The outlooks are rain, rain, more rain and windy. No weather suitable for baseball.

The dates that are looked into for rescheduling the games are late June or late August. Follow on facebook and subscribe to the events for the latest updates.

Tranås time, again and again!

The team just got back from a double header in Tranås! Two W was packed in the cars heading back. Tranås doesn’t have to wait long for a re-match! Come to Shark Park on Thursday (May 30 at 12:00) and watch the teams battle the Wins again!

We’re playing a total of six games vs Tranås this season and they are all in the first half of the season.

We’re started si and so in the home opener by spliting the two game series. The first game was won in the first tie-breaking inning by the Sharks after a huge comback by the Sharks forcing the eight where the Sharks scored first. The second game was off to a really good start but the Gothenburg defence broke down in the sixth leaving them no chance for another comeback, even though the Sharks did score in both sixth and seventh.

Sunday’s games did show sharks that had a few games under their belts. The team won first 5-7 and also the second 10-12. This makes the team still be in a the same position in the series, but much more comfortable with four wins and two losses. Currently one game behind.

Standings per 2019-05-27

Tranås probably would like to capitalize on their good games in Shark Park from the opening series. Gothenburg needs to prove themselves that they could dominate games on their home turf. We’re looking forward to see a team that proves that they would like one of the top spots in the series.

Come and watch the games on Thursday! First pitch at 12:00. The second game starts half an hour after the first ended. Approximately just before 15:00.