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No playdown – Sharks fold elite team

The boat that was once turned is now sunk.
Hajarnas’ season ended with no elite baseball team.
“It’s sad but it feels like the right decision”, says president Heidi Bader.

It would be an understatement to say that the season was a struggle. Even though the team was headed in the right direction under new head coach Coleman Lukas, the boat took in water from the start.

All season long, the Sharks fought hard against other teams.

They also fought themselves.

On the diamond, they had to focus on the baseball side. Outside, it was always a question if they would have a team to put out there.

“As the season progressed, we had a hard time fielding a team. At that point, it felt like the club needs to focus on what’s been working”.

On the regional side of things, it has been the other way around. Much of the time, the coaching staff had a harder time to distribute playing time rather than finding players willing to play.

Also, the regional team had a much improved season, winning four games and progressing in quality of play. Next season, the regional time will be the focus on the baseball side of the club.

“The regional team has developed immensely and the board think it’s the best decision to build from the ground up going forward”.

One could only hope this change will be beneficial to the club. It would be disastrous for the sport and the baseball federation if the country’s second largest city would be without a baseball team.