Sundbyberg visiting Shark Park on Saturday

Sundbyberg Heat has two fewer games played than Stockholm and are four games behind. Two wins would take them a bit closer. Sundbyberg needs to take the upper hand on Gothenburg to advance further. They have Gothenburg, Stockholm, Alby and finally Gothenburg in the remaining eight games.

Sundbyberg has wins versus all teams in the top teams (Stockholm, Karlskoga and Leksand) this season and is currently holding third place in the series. The Sundbyberg pitching has been their best weapon and worst enemy. They kept Karlskoga from scoring early in the season and Michael Andersson only allowed five hits in that game. When their defense somewhat failed them, the offense has been there to pick up wins. They have scored ten runs or more in six of the seasons 14 games this far. In half of them, they allowed five runs or less.

Gothenburg needs to get a good feeling in the team before the play offs to stay in the Elitseries start. In theory Gothenburg could get a play off spot with back to back wins in the remaining eight games and Sundbyberg may not win more than two games in their double headers vs Stockholm and Alby. The same thing works vs Leksand but Leksand must not win more than one game in the four games vs Alby and Karlskoga. It would be wonderful, but with the Sharks track record for this season unlikely. Starting with a win in game one vs Sundbyberg would be a great start to the remaining eight games!

Joe Lankford had some extra practice this weekend when playing with the Elitserien Allstars in Nordic Baseball Classic.

Best of luck to the team the upcoming weekend!