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Welcome back!

The 2021 season is up and waiting for us and we’re allowed to watch the games!

First game of the 2021 season June 13 at Shark Park

Welcome to Shark Park and watch the Sharks take on Alby Stars. More on that below.

Play by play

So there are some news when coming back from the 2020 hibernation year. The league has adopted a new scoring system, which will allow you to follow the games play by play. You could probably expect some hickups, that will hopefully become better as the season progresses. The system is new to the scorers and alot of technical things needs to work together with the personell. Hopefully this will help you keep an remote eye on the Sharks!

New league site for the season

The league has moved to the new site where you besides the Shark games could the see the roster. Please note that the site adopted the American game format [Away team] @ [Home team], meaning that the games versus Alby will be our home opener this Sunday (June 13) at 12:00.

Scouting report on the Alby Stars

As the team posted they come prepared to the home opener. We have to rely on the numbers from game 1 and game 2. A quick glance tells that 3B Demond Wilshire stand out after an incredible game 1.

See you at Shark Park!

That’s it for this quick post to let you know that hajarna.se is back and let you know that you should make room in Sunday’s schedule.