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Karlskoga away

The team will travel early tomorrow morning towards Karlskoga for a double header versus the Bats.

Karlskoga has four wins and two losses. The first loss versus Leksand 11-12 and the second was versus Sundbyberg where Karlskoga failed to get on the board losing 0-14 ending the game in the seventh inning.

Even though the Sharks haven’t really been on the toes this far the will come into the series with a win and they have been playing better and better each game.

The Bats usually have a good pitcher in Paul Waterman who usually goes deep in the innings. However in the last two game he didn’t pitch at all and his batting average is down to .100. Their import pitcher Shawn Hetherington has been doing very well this season. His ERA is 2,25 and opponents are batting .203 against him. He can only pitch six innings.

The Karlskoga Bats must enter the series as clear favorites, With the Sharks continuing to improve their defense and continue to have the whole team get on base, the Sharks will have a good chance of grabbing at least one game.

The following players will be travelling to Karlskoga tomorrow and give it all for the team colors!

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Karlskoga Bats swept Alby Stars

Karlskoga won the seasons two first games versus Alby Stars. 10-0 (7) and 10-5.

Game one summary

(Box score)

Karlskoga pitcher Shawn Hetherington did his first six innings of the season and walked off the mound with 10 Ks after facing 20 total at bats. No hits, no errors and of course no earned runs. He was given the win. He walked once at his first four at bats and had a sac fly in the second game after three tries at bat. Alby pitcher Raul Lozano had a rough day at the job and had to let 8 runs after sex innings (eight runs of which six earned, eight walks and three strike outs). Releaver Hampus Hagman had an even worse start of the 2013 season and gave up 2 runs (one earned) after producing one strike out.

Alby had of course a tough time to get on base in the first game. They failed to produce a single hit versus Shawn and did not have better luck versus the releaver Anders Nygren.

Christoffer Johansson produced 2 runs and 3 runs batted in with his only hit (no walks and no strike outs). He did also manage to steal two bases. Jacob Spaeth (Karlskoga press release) produced 3 hits at his four at bats with two runs and two runs batted in. He entered the second game with an average of .750 of the seasons.

Game two summary

(Box score)

Bats pitcher Paul Waterman started the second game and had to give up a run immediately! Alby got back on the board with runs in the fourth, sixth and seventh for a total of five runs (all given up under Paul watch, however only three was earned). However for a total of 10 let runs Alby fell short after 9 innings losing 10-5. The Alby defense was charged with seven errors and only six out of ten runs was earned by the pitchers. Poor starter Emil Sahlin had to see eight runners touch home plate, but only four was earned. He did put himself in tough positions after a total of eight walks with three strike outs after five innings. Hampus Hagman took over the hill once again and passed two balls to his defense to pick up the out and walking two. He left the game after two outs and handed over the ball to Ramon Illa. Ramon gave up two runs (both earned) after four hits and 2.1 innings pitched.

Jacob Spaeth once again had an extremely good day at bat and landed .714 after summering the two starting games of the seasons. Short Stop Robin Pettersson and once again Christoffer Johansson had very hot bats and landed an average over .400 after the double header. The most lazy guy at bat of the day must have been Karlskoga Bats out fielder Stefan Fahlin. He only bothered to hit the ball once in the second game, where he has called out, but was walked no less than four times (two in the first game). That guy knows a ball when he sees one!

Alby pitcher Email Sahlin picked up two runs himself with one run batted in. Third base man Yader Bello lead the Alby offense with two hits, one run and one run batted in. The top of the Alby order left the day with less than 0.150 average.

The season has started

This means that the season has officially started and the Karskoga is two for two. Next game is the Stockholm welcoming the Gothenburg Sharks on the first of May (official holiday in Sweden). In a different part of the Stockholm area the Sundbyberg Heat is facing the Leksand Lumberjacks! Tune in Wednesday at 1300 on a ballpark near Stockholm!

Domarcupen coming up

Domarcupen (Umpires cup) is hosted by the Karlskoga Bats and played 20-21 of April. This is just the week before opening day.

There will be two groups and Gothenburg Sharks will participate with one team. Each team will play at least 3 games.

Gothenburg is in group B together with Karlskoga I, Oslo and Akademin. Group A is Enskede, Karlskoga II and Alby.

Gothenburg will open versus Oslo on the 20:th 12:00. Second game is versus Karlskoga I starting 18:00. The next day Gothenburg will face Akademin at 16:00.

The final is played at 18:00 where the winners in each group will play one game for the title.

This is the pre-season games that are scheduled before opening day. We guess that the last thing haven’t been said about the weather just yet, but we’re looking forward get this season started.