Karlskoga away

The team will travel early tomorrow morning towards Karlskoga for a double header versus the Bats.

Karlskoga has four wins and two losses. The first loss versus Leksand 11-12 and the second was versus Sundbyberg where Karlskoga failed to get on the board losing 0-14 ending the game in the seventh inning.

Even though the Sharks haven’t really been on the toes this far the will come into the series with a win and they have been playing better and better each game.

The Bats usually have a good pitcher in Paul Waterman who usually goes deep in the innings. However in the last two game he didn’t pitch at all and his batting average is down to .100. Their import pitcher Shawn Hetherington has been doing very well this season. His ERA is 2,25 and opponents are batting .203 against him. He can only pitch six innings.

The Karlskoga Bats must enter the series as clear favorites, With the Sharks continuing to improve their defense and continue to have the whole team get on base, the Sharks will have a good chance of grabbing at least one game.

The following players will be travelling to Karlskoga tomorrow and give it all for the team colors!

Joe Lankford
Andreas Persson
Fredrik Lundborg
Branden Roper-Hubbert
Heinz Christian Göttlicher
Josef Husein Josef
Hiba Nabi
Patrick Thomas
Rickard Gøransson
Vilhelm Sundin
Miso Mastillo
Anders Ekberg