What’s up, Jack Warwick?

In what hopefully will be a series of old friend-articles, we continue with pitcher and infielder Jack ‘Birdman’ Warwick. The Australian was a Shark during the 2015 season and memorably homered in his first game in Karlskoga.

What are you up to these days?

“Not much, coaching a lot of baseball and training for a strongman competition. I miss the baseball in Sweden a lot, especially the comradeship among all the players!”

Do you follow the Sharks adventures at all?

“I still follow the Sharks and try to stay up to date on what’s happening in Swedish baseball. I See how much you guys do with the youth team and am always inspired to go out and coach afterwards.”

Warwick (left) back in the Gothenburg days with Erik Earnest.

Are you still actively playing baseball?

I still play baseball, playing outfield for a state team. I also play for another team very similar to the Sharks.

What’s your best memory of your time in Gothenburg?

“I miss the baseball van trips, especially when I didn’t have to drive. But mainly I miss helping the guys out and having an enjoyable time at the games. Four games per weekend was awesom! Also, helping young kids like Joakim [Melin] get his work in to compete with the best in Sweden at the All-star game.”

What are your thoughts on the upcoming games at Karlskoga?

“Look, Karlskoga will always be a challenge. I remember they were a force when we played them [back in 2015]. My first game actually, under the weather and I manage to hit a home run over the fence. That gave me the confidence to compete that season.”

I’d also like to thank the Sharks again for having me that season. I’ll always remember the hospitality they showed me, the support they gave me in fixing my arm, and the patience they showed for my anger when we’d lose. Because as you know, winning is better than losing.”

Sharks ride with a skeleton crew to Karlskoga for a very hard fought double header on Sunday. First pitch is at 12.