Baby Sharks play historic scrimmage

On Sunday, a junior scrimmage was played at Shark Park.
That is not a very common sentence to write.
“Our hard work has payed off, we’re soon going to be up there playing with the big boys,” Rickard Kronqvist says.

Both a U12 and a U15 game was played in the sunbathing Shark Park on Sunday. Since a junior scrimmage hasn’t taken place in Gothenburg since, well… forever, a lot of players took the chance to try out both pitching and catching.

It didn’t really matter, but winning was of course better than losing.

“There is a lot of talent in this group, but mostly a lot of joy and happiness.” Baby Shark coach Rickard Kronqvist says.

The record crowd, a bigger one than usually show up for regional series play, was thrilled as the Baby Sharks took the field with excitement.

Some at the plate action.

“The joy these kids have from just playing a game and stealing bases is fantastic to see,” Kronqvist adds.

Although there was a lot of jitters and butterflies, all players exceeded expectations and provided close contests.

“I can pitch, and catch as well. But it’s gonna be hard to do at the same time,” Leo Sandgren says after the game.

Excitement she wrote!

The one team was a little better both offensively and defensively, especially defensively but it evened out in the end. During the second game, it was apparent that the bigger, full sized, field, was a challenge, especially on the defensive side of the ball. A lot of movement, running and stealing bases made the offense thrilling and exciting.

“I am like a magnet out there,” Sandro Ponjevic said after being hit by a pitch three times on the day.

One day, the Sharks organization hope to field a team in the national junior series. Still some way to go, but for sure closer than in a long time.