Season unofficially kicks off in Malmö

After a long winter, some light can finally be seen at the end of the tunnel.
It all starts with a couple of SWBL games in Malmö.
“Winter practice has really paid off,” coach Edgren says.

As the Sharks travel south to the friendly confines of Limhamnsfältet for their unofficial season opener they do so without the regular coaching staff. In their absence, Toofan Khazal, Lars Karlsson and Rickard Kronqvist will run the show.

“It ain’t no thing, I’ve got this thing down,” Kronqvist says.

All through winter, coach Jonny Edgren has sharpened the finer points of throwing and hitting during grueling indoor practices in Gothenburg. As outdoor practice started last week, it seems to have payed off.

“Compared to last year, I think we look pretty sharp,” Edgren says.

With Skövde now in the official Regionserien, the SWBL games will be fewer this season. On the other hand, this has included other teams. On Sunday, the Sharks will not only face the Pilots in Malmö but also the Copenhagen Urban Achievers.

This weekend, a few question marks return as last year’s MVP and best pitcher award winner returns in José Munoz and José Martinez. Old friend Erik Earnest will also make the trip, having the Sharks fans drooling and dreaming of having the best outfielder of the regional league on the field.

Earnest the younger agrees with his father that winning is better than losing.

Furthermore Logan Grossberg has joined the team during the winter. The exile american has shown a lot of promise during the winter, can basically play all over the field and will surely be a exciting part of the 2018 Sharks squad.

“I’m excited, we’re all excited. Team’s looking good, everyone is in great shape and I think we’re well prepared for the season to start,” Edgren says.

“And we have to be, all these other teams, they bring a wallop,” Edgren says before rushing on to the plane to China for a weird scouting trip.