Two losses, lots of positives

A team may succeed in many ways.
Like, becoming one.
“It was a learning experience,” Maria Kühnemuth says

When Göteborg Hajarna opened up the softball season on Sunday, it was a new team out there. It showed. In a good way.

The Sharks came out with a lot of energy, excitement and eagerness to play. The team, who has been battling all winter to mold themselves to one unit, surely looked like one. The communication was strong, teammates helping out each other everywhere and players getting their first taste of a real softball game.

Skövde came out on the field looking like the veteran team they are. After taking an early lead, they never really looked back winning the first game 23-8. Hajarna, it must be noted, never gave up. They tried desperatly to trim that deficit and had a lot of good swings, all through the lineup.

“Every player got on base, one way or another. And the base running was phenomenal!” Kühnemuth says.

The sun came out at Shark Park, the field so wet it felt more like a shark tank, but Hajarna dropped game two as well. Although playing better than the first game, Skövde won 10-0. Hajarna was sharper defensivly and Maria Kühnemuth saw a strong middle infield combination:

“There was a couple of excellent plays from shortstop Kristie Evegren and second baseman Lynn André,” Kühnemuth says.