Lukas: “The boat has turned”

New season, same result.
Will it end like last season?
“We have turned the boat around, now we got to reach that island,” Coleman Lukas says.

One could argue that this season looks exactly like the last one. Four games played, four losses. Hajarnas Elite series baseball team has had a couple of tough losses and is still looking for their first win of the season.
On Thursday, that might change.

“I don´t see why we can´t be 4-4 come sunday”, says head coach Coleman Lukas.

If you look deeper at this seasons record, you will understand what he´s talking about. Last season, Hajarna scored five runs through four games.
In 2015 that number is up to 31.
Granted, the run differential is still negative, but only two teams has scored more runs than Hajarna in 2015.

“Turning a team from 2-20 to 10-10 is a lot to do. We´re 0-4 this season, but it´s a better 0-4 than last season.”

Lukas has put a lot of faith in new guys, young guys. When he talks about the players and the club, it´s about the future. That players will develop and improve. They will understand why they are out there.

“Putting people in new positions, that´s what creates mental toughness. It gives you the butterflies, but you will also recognize that you´re good enough to be there.”

The mental side is something Lukas returns to. He expects his players to want the ball. To stand out on that field and hoping to make all 27 outs of a game. The mental part is deeply rooted in his coaching style and something he wants the club, as a whole, to embrace.

“I think right now, people might be afraid of losing. That´s something we need to eradicate.”

Still, the club is 0-4.
Still, the club, the players and the coach wants more.
When going up against the Academy on Thursday, he knows what his new ballclub will bring.

“We´re going to compete in every game. Like that game in Botkyrka where we had a six run rally to tie it up in the ninth, that was great”.

The Sharks take on the Academy on Thursday. First pitch is scheduled for 12.00.