The wait is over – softball is back

New team, new season, new players, new series.
It could have been easier.
“This will be really good”, says Heidi Bader.

Sunday is a day that Heidi Bader has been looking forward to. When the softball team start their season, it will certainly be a challenge. But not impossible. This team surely looks like a team with a capital T.

“That is where we are strong, helping each other. That is what we are strongest right now and where we need to be strong”, says Heidi Bader.

The decision to once again get Hajarnas softball team up and running were made last season. If you add veterans and mix in a couple of rookies, that is where the team is right now.
A hard working, unpolished team.
Shark Tank has been their home all winter. Getting to know one another. Finding each other. But the real break came when Shark Park opened in April.

“There´s a few players that hasn´t played before and I think that was big for them. Running out on the field, see the bases, standing at their positions”.

When first pitch is delievered against Skövde on Sunday, two players will know the opponents a little better than others. Maria Kuhnemuth and Rachel Keefe played has played with Skövde and that might prove to be the difference.

“They know the players, where they are strong and if they have any weaknesses.”

Bader is humble as the season starts. The team don´t have a set goal to pick up wins. They want to get better, improve in all areas. But Bader can´t deny what she really wants.

“Win. I´m not sure I dare hope for that yet, we´re still such a new team. If we can perform well, limit our mistakes and keep games close…”.

And when Hajarna bring home that Swedish Championship to Göteborg?
“Next season”, says Heidi Bader laughing.