Trolle looking for more

First Elite series game is in the books.
Now, the world awaits.
“Baseball will take me where it takes me”, says Trolle Brandt.

Starting at shortstop and not even 16 years old. One can be nervous for less. But Trolle handled that pressure like a pro. Coombining two hits, his first in Elite series play, with solid defense.

“I was pretty nervous, but also a lot of fun!”

Playing two regional games last season, he is still a rookie. Though he played a lot with the national team in Germany, Brandt was still surprised he got to start against Botkyrka. When head coach Coleman Lukas gave him the nod, he took it the right way.

“I was glad, we have a lot of good players so I didn’t think I was starting”.

But he did start, and finished both games. A combined 17 innings at shortstop is now history and Brandt didn’t disappoint anyone.

“I was able to play good defense, limiting my defensive mistakes. But it felt really good to have my first hit”.

He has his path cut out for him. With the season going forward the goals are set. But he is looking for more. Brandt won’t be satisfied with Hajarna and Sweden. The world is his playground.

“Hopefully, I’ll attend the Academy this fall, and hopefully college after that. After that… I
don’t know. Baseball will take me where it takes me”.

Hajarna pitcher, Jason Norderum, who´s seen Trolle Brandt evolve since last season is impressed. He talks about a talent that shows great work ethic and passion for the game. About a player who sets high goals and achieves them.

“As a coach, you can show players the door to success but you can´t make them walk through it. This winter, Trolle has busted down that door and sprinted through it”, Norderum says.

For now, Hajarna is his main focus. Even in Sweden, the season is long and Brandt is humble to what the summer might bring:
“My goal is to play as many games as possible, play good defense, better offense.”

On saturday, Hajarna face off with Leksand at Shark Park, their first home game of the season. It will be a good test for Hajarna as they try to build on the positive feeling they’ve had so far.

“They played in the finals last season so it will be a challenge. We’ll face better pitching than last weekend, it will be though”.