Regional Sharks start slow, finish swimmingly

One blowout loss, one nailbiting win.
Was that really the same team?
“We always win game two,” Jason Nordeum says.

The Sharks regional team finally got to play baseball again after a three week long layoff following a split series i Malmö. Needless to say, they were fired up.

Unfortunately, everyone on the team will hopefully soon forget game one. Tranås (4-2) ran wild with the somewhat sloppy Sharks (2-2) defense. The Shark Park fans were not amused when game one ended in a 15-1 loss in five innings.

The second game would prove to be a whole different ball game. Göteborg Hajarna took a big bite off Tranås in the third inning and taking a 7-0 lead. Apparently, the elite teams offensive surge this season has rubbed off on the regional team. Or vice versa.

Tranås would regroup and let the bats talk once more. In the fourth and fifth inning Tranås kept on hitting the ball well and would eventually tie the game at eight runs a piece in the top of the sixth inning.

But in this one, the Sharks would hang one to their prey.

Ted Bratsberg provided the pitching that was needed in relief and picked up his first win of the season. Hajarna took the lead in the bottom of the sixth and made good plays in the top of the seventh to win game two 9-8 and earn a split.

“The Sharks regional team don´t always lose game one of a double header, but when they do, they always win game two.” says Jason Norderum, special assistant to the General Manager and advisor to the Executive of transportation.