Stockholm visiting on Saturday

We got the leaders of the series visiting this Saturday. Stockholm is seven wins and two losses for the season. The Sharks are on the opposite side of the table with the opposite numbers showing two wins and six losses.

Stockholm has from time to time shown really good pitching. But when the pitching doesn’t work perfect, the offense is there to take them to the front seat. The Sharks scored three runs in top first in the previous game between the teams. Stockholm answered quickly by scoring five in bottom one. Stockholms two losses came versus Bats after extra innings and Sundbyberg.

The two losses that the Sharks had in the beginning of the season vs Stockholm was exactly a month ago on Saturday. It was the first time on an actual field of the season. The defense which the Sharks had struggled with the entire season has only got better since. We lost with big numbers last time. One could not really expect the same results on Saturday. These game are completely different.

Even though my heart would like to say that we’ll grab both games, I hope for one game even though I realize that it will be tough to get that. By watching the previous home games I think that the Sharks offense played better than the numbers on the board shows. They are giving themselves chances inning after inning missing the little extra something that makes you score them. That will turn in favor of the Sharks some time soon, why not on Sunday?