Regionals swing bats until they don’t

Coleman Lukas an umpire?
Sharks regional team getting shut out?
It was a weird Sunday in Tranås.

The Sharks regional team (2-6) faced off at Tranås (6-2) on Sunday and the first game was a wild one. Göteborg took a big bite off Tranås starting pitcher in the first inning, scoring three runs but left the bases loaded. Tranås, however, would return the favor and score five runs off Hajarnas Mikael Lindquist after some defensive mishaps.

It looked to be “one of those days”. The runs kept on coming over the plate and after three innings it was 10-8 in the home teams favor. Unfortunately for the Sharks, that also proved to be the final score. Starting pitcher Lindquist settled down after those first wild innings and the defense behind him started to make some plays. He was tagged for ten runs (at a random guees, a lot of them were unearned) and went all six innings.

It should also be noted that Coleman Lukas stepped in to umpire the first game of the double header and was flawless. Neither team had much to complain about.

The second one started as wild as the first one. Before the top of the first was over, players had collided and yammered at the (new) umpire. After a Hajarna player was blocked by the umpire and, questionably, called out at the plate. The umpire of the first game was inches away from being ejected by the new one.

But this one was not anyones fault but the Sharks. After that, the bats stayed silent througout the game and even though Sharks starter Joakim Melin turned in a quality performance on the mound. Neither the offense nor the defense really turned up for this one and the final score was 10-0 for Tranås in five innings.