Regionals sweep Norrköping

“We could have played better today”, Coleman Lukas says.

Do you remember august 12th 2012? That’s when Hajarnas regional team last swept a double header, taking two against Skövde. Back then, it was pretty close.
This time it wasn’t.

The regional team took a huge bite off of Norrköping Blue Sox early in the first game, scoring five runs in first and adding another five in the second inning. A solid outing from starting pitcher Joakim Melin provided the Hajarna defense with the calm they needed.

The defense would unravel just a bit down the road. Some questionable plays and for a while, it looked like Norrköping was on their way back in to this one. In the end, things turned around and Martin Sundh came in to close out the game in the fifth inning with Hajarna taking it 14-4.

“Winning is better than losing”, Jason Norderum, advisor to the General Manager and special assistant to the Executive of Transportation, added.

Game two started out a bit differently. Norrköping let the bats talk and went to a 1-0 lead in the top of the first. Starter Mikael Lindquist settled down after a while and the game eventually started to look like the first.

Hajarnas bats stayed hot and the runs kept on coming up on the board. With Louis Bischof on the mound in the fifth, Hajarna got the zero they needed. In the bottom half of that inning, Göteborg scored on a wild pitch to make it a mercy rule win at 15-5.

“First sweep in forever for the regionals, but we could have played better. Making the routine plays and be sharp on defense. We got to work on that”, head coach Coleman Lukas says.

Next chance to see Hajarnas regional team play is on July 25th when they’re hosting Malmö Pilots at Shark Park.