Tough losses in Botkyrka

Hajarna was looking for two wins.
They went home empty handed.
“We got a lot of work to do”, says Coleman Lukas.

Hajarna took on the same team they beat last season to stay in the Elite series. This time though, it was a whole new ball game.

Botkyrka got started early in the first game. The home team team scored five runs in the first inning to give Hajarna a wake up call. Fighting back, Hajarna came within striking distance but this one was not meant to be. Botkyrka eventually took the game 15-5 in 8 innings.

The second one was a different story. Hajarna went up 3-0 early and the bats were on fire. Botkyrka fought back and eventually took the lead. When the 9th inning started, the home team was up 12-6 and it looked to be a blowout yet again.

But in the top of the 9th, Hajarna swam back to life. Göteborg rallied to score six runs to tie it up. This was, however, not Hajarnas day. A base hit and two intentional walks later loaded the bases and Hajarna was looking for and inning ending double play. The end result was a walk and Botkyrka could celebrate a second win.

“There’s good things and bad things but this is the start of the season and I saw a lot of things I liked going forward” says head coach Coleman Lukas.