Sharks back in contention

Last Sunday, the Sharks were pretty much assured of a first-round playoff spot, but two days later, this was no longer the case. After the Malmö Pilots were forced to forfeit their last two games of the season due to a temporary shortage of players, a special rule in the Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation’s regulations came into play, stipulating elimination of a team that is unable to play its final two games. The Pilots disappeared from the standings, along with the Sharks’ four wins against them. And without those wins the Sharks suddenly had a losing record. A return to the playoffs seemed unlikely.

But with Alby’s two surprising wins over Tranås today, the Sharks are back in contention. And if they can take two from a young and hungry Skövde squad next weekend, the team can pack their bags for a trip to Umeå and the first round of the 2018 regional playoffs.