Hajarna clinch playoff berth as Alby sweep

This reporter do not know the english translation for  ‘Mästare i kavaj’.
Regardless, that’s how the Hajarna players felt on Wednesday.
“This is what we have been working for all season,” coach Edgren says.

Enskede was the only team standing between Göteborg Hajarna and the playoffs for a possible Elitserien spot in 2017. Now they can focus on that spot.

With Enskede losing two hard fought games against an Alby side that has only lost a single game during the regular season, the playoff spot is real.

“Call me psychic, but I knew all along we were going to get there,” Sharks pitcher Mikael Lindquist says.

Enskede lost an interrupted game 13-12 in seven innings and the second one 14-11 in nine innings.

Presumably, this Alby crew enjoy winning better than losing.

Presumably, this Alby crew enjoy winning better than losing.

“I played with those (Enskede) guys and know they play hard. All credit to them,” an anonymous Shark player says.

Hajarna will face either Tranås or Karlskoga in that first round. And coach Edgren knows it’s going to be tough either way.

“Two great teams. We’ve won one against Tranås this season and look to take at least a split from Karlskoga in the last homestand of the regular season,” Edgren says.

They will go in to the playoffs without legendary Sharks pitcher Hiba Nabi who is to undergo season ending knee surgery.

“I hate to not being able to contribute but I’ll be ready to go in 2017 and I know the team will play their hearts out,” Nabi says.

The Sharks finish off the regular season on September 3rd against Karlskoga at Shark Park.