Sharks apparently still alive, having fun

Don’t start working on that tombstone just yet.
The Sharks resurrected on Saturday.
“We played well today”, coach Jonny Edgren says.

After faking their own death last weekend against Karlskoga Bats, the question was if Göteborg Hajarna would come out to play on Saturday.

That question was swiftly answered.

Saturdays matchup in the Southwest Baseball League (SWBL) saw the Sharks facing off with Jönköping and Kungsbacka and the Sharks did not disappoint the rabid home crowd. Right out of the gate, Hajarna was relentless on offense and starter Mikael Lindquist provided a stellar start on the mound as the Sharks took game one.

When facing the distant relatives of Jönköping, Mokhlad Al-Ghamini turned in a breakout performance in his short start on the mound. Young gun Shervin Shakki came out of the bullpen and tried his best to match Al-Ghaminis performance, without disappointing.

Sharks, Jönköping and Kungsbacka as one big happy family.

Sharks, Jönköping and Kungsbacka as one big happy family.

The bats were as red hot as in the first game and the Sharks tacked on runs all game long for a second win of the day.

“Offensively, we did a good job as a team today”, coach Jonny Edgren says.

What the Sharks do have to work on going forward was the defensive side. The somewhat new team have a few kinks to work out before the defense will live up to Edgrens standards.

“We can do better, and we will”, Edgren promised.

As always, SWBL was a treat for everyone involved. Players, coaches and the crowd preached the format and opportunity for more baseball on the west coast.