Nothing for free

Sölvesborg decided to not give anything for free today! Game one was not only lost in the second but also in the sixth. The Gothenburg run support had four runs coming in the fourth and seventh, the Sölvesborg scored 5 in the second. They scored 9 more until the game was over in the seventh inning.

Gothenburg featured Jason Norderum in the second game. A good coaching move! Make sure to get away with at least one game pitchingwise. If we would just scratch out inning five of this game we would come out on top. Since I didn’t see that game, just reading the play by play, that inning five was no earned run for the pitcher and the team let six.

Game one was lost due to doubles, not seeing them I can’t say if they were well deserved or not, but three consecutive normally isn’t just the pitchers fault. The latter runs wasn’t earned. The Sharks got a problem supporting the pitching staff with good defense. Good thing is that they are up on the board! The defense could be Lundquist good 97%, but with no run/goal support there is nothing left to win.

I hope that the Sharks goes back into Shark Park and makes the most out of their practices to come back strengthened for the next home game. That would be home at Shark Park vs Sundbyberg next weekend on the 24th.

On a separate note, Stockholm won two games away vs Karlskoga making the Stockholm Monarchs still undefeated for the season. Leksand won two games vs Sundbyberg. Looking forward to the home games vs Sundbyberg Heat next weekend!