Last chance to catch a game at Shark Park of 2013

The Regional team is playing a friendly against Malmö on Sunday at Shark Park. This game was supposed to be part of the regular season but Malmö failed to assemble a team on the 18:th of August. Malmö suggested a friendly a few weeks back and the Sharks made it happen.

Malmö have had their way with the Gothenburg Sharks previously this season, denying the Sharks a full seven inning game. The Sharks have put themselves on the board every single game and they are pumped to put up a fight tomorrow.

Five game series for the title

Today will be the first day of the five game series for the title versus Karlskoga and Stockholm. Both teams have not just only earned their place in that series by winning they semi final 3-0 against respective opponents. They have been the best teams over the season overall.

Karlskoga played Leksand last year in the final. Leksand won last years semi final 3-0 vs Stockholm and now the roles have turned. Stockholm won the final 2011 vs Gothenburg Sharks. We’re looking forward to quality baseball and wish them luck in the final.