Tough season start for Gothenburg

The Gothenburg Sharks had a very tough season opener away in Stockholm. The first game started with great pitching on the Stockholm side. Stockholm got on the board in the first inning and seemed to score in each an every one of the seven innings the game lasted. Gothenburg Sharks failed to get on the board. Game one ended 12-0.

Something happened in the second game. After the first inning it was 5-3 to Stockholm. Stockholm really caught fire in the second and got in no less than seven runs. Gothenburg stepped back after that cold shower and the board read 12-7 mid fourth. In the fifth both teamed had scored again to 14-9. However, the Sharks didn’t get any closer than that. The game ended 20-9 after seven innings.

Big thanks to Andreas Hammarstedt for the reports. With some luck we could also get our hands on a protocols for the games as well. A more detailed report will follow.