Domarcupen cancelled

Karlskoga Bats efforts to save Domarcupen seems to have failed. The weather didn’t play along. They will formally decide later on this week but everything points at that it will be cancelled. The Gothenburg Sharks decided earlier today that the team will focus on the field and try to play an inter squad game this weekend if possible.

Reports about Shark park have been up and down this week. The ground is still frozen except for the top layer that got a bit of extra water to it that is having trouble to find its way away from the field. Gothenburg showed itself on the spring side today with sun and 12C/54F. Rain is to expect later on this week which makes the forecast of the field condition a bit hard to make.

With that said, the Gothenburg Sharks will do its best to prepare Shark park for a game versus Akademin on the 27th and prevent yet another postponed game. However it looks like the season opener could be in jeopardy.

The organization has decided to have the season opener event the next scheduled game after that at the 11th of May vs Alby.