Gothenburg Sharks @ Stockholm Game #1

2013 May 1st 1300 @Skarpnäck Game id: 2013:1005

Lineup for the Gothenburg Sharks

  1. Rickard Göransson SS
  2. Johan Weidolf 1B
  3. Patrick Laffin CF
  4. Branden Rooper-Hubbert C
  5. Joe Lankford 3B
  6. Anders Ekberg 2B
  7. Wilhelm Sundin RF
  8. Andreas Person DH
  9. Erik Olsson LF
  10. Ted Bratsberg P

Line up for Stockholm:

  1. Peter Johannessen CF
  2. Matt Merrifield SS
  3. Magnus Pilegård 1B
  4. Björn Johannessen C
  5. Pontus Byström DH
  6. Daniel Wood 2B
  7. Andrew Carlson LF
  8. Michael Lindberg RF
  9. Daniel Linder 3B
  10. Jakob Claesson P

Top 1

Rickard struck out. Johan flied out to right field. Patrick struck out.

Bottom 1

Peter reached base on balls. Peter stole second base. Matt popped up to second base for the out. Magnus advanced to first by a hit to the right. Peter advanced to third. Magnus stole second. Björn reached base on balls. Pontus hit a single to right field. Peter scored, Magnus and Björn advanced one base each. Daniel grounds out into a a double play for the inning.

Top 2

Branden reach base on balls. Joe struck out. Anders popped up to third base. Vilhelm was walked and Branden continued to second. Andreas grounded out to third base who managed to assist first base in time for the final out of the inning.

Bottom 2

Andreas reached base on balls. Michaels line drive to center field was caught for the out. Daniel somehow reached first base. Andreas got to second. Peter grounded out to second base who made the play to first for the out. Daniel reached second on that play. Andreas may have scored on an error. Matt reaches first on an error. Daniel scored from second during that error. Magnus flied out to right field for the final out.

Top 3

Erik strikes out. Top of the order once again. Rickard grounds out to second base who makes the play to first in time for the second out. Johan takes one for the team and advances to first after being hit by a pitch. Patrick grounds out to short stop who makes the play to first in time for the final out of the inning.

Bottom 3

Björn hits a single to center field. Pontus was walked and Björn advanced to second. Daniel reach first on a bunt(?). Bases are loaded! Andreas reached first on fielders choice (?) instead of Daniel. Björn scored and Pontus advanced to third. Michael reached on a fielders choice (?), but an error on second base prevented the out on Andreas. Pontus scored. Daniel was hit by a pitch and advanced to first. Micheal was moved to second. Andreas moved to third. Bases loaded once again! Top of the batting order for the third time today. Peter hits a single to left field. Andrew scores. The runner at second Michael was caught on his way to third in that play. Matt flies out to center field for the final out.

Top 4

Brandon grounds out to first base man., Joe strikes out and so does Anders.

Bottom 4

Pitcher change Gothenburg. Hiba takes on the mound.

Magnus reached first on an unusual play. He struck out but was called on base by some to me unreadable play. Björn was hit by a pitch and Magnus moved on to second. Pontus hits a single to right field. Magnus scores on that hit. Björn advances to third. After a wild pitch Pontus advances to second and Daniel was called out. Andrew struck out and Michael flied out to center field for the inning.

Top 5

Vilhelm hits a single between center and right field. He was later caught stealing by a a throw from the catcher to the short stop who picked him up. Both Andreas and Eric struck out for the inning.

Bottom 5

Daniel reaches base on balls and we’re once again at top of the order. Peter walks too. Matt hits a single that was enough for the runners to take a runner home and take Peter to third. Magnus hits a single towards second base. Peter scores on that play. Matt get on third. Björd hits a sac fly into center field in which Matt scores on. Pontus was denied first base by an infield hit to its guardian. Daniel hits a single to the right center field in which Magnus scores. Finally Andres strikes out for the final out.

Top 6

Top of the batting order once again and Richard hits a single to right outer field. Johan got on first by a hit to left field and Richard moves to second. Patrick reaches on a fielders choice on behalf of Johan which was caught at second assisted by the short stop. Branden grounds out into a double play to short stop who makes the play to second for the Patrick out and makes the play to first for final out.

Bottom 6

Michael hits a ground ball towards the short stop but makes first base in time. Danel grounds one into a double play towards second base who plays the shortstop forcing the out on second and makes the play towards first in time. Peter hits a double into left field. Matt flies out into center field.

Top 7

Joe got hit by a pitch and reaches first base. Anders pops out to first baseman. Vilhelm was walked and Joe advances to second. Andreas strikes out and so does pinch hitter Martin Sundquist.

Game over. Stockholm 12 – 0 Gothenburg.