Alby Stars @ Gothenburg Sharks Game #2

The Sharks was full of lust for revenge after the first unnecessary loss if one may say so. The coaches had made some slight changes in the batting order and everyone wanted to get the show on the road after the very long game #1.

The Sharks sent up Kerry on the mound. Rumors were that he should have pitched in game one initially, but the coaches changed their mind somewhere down the line.

Line up

  1.  Demond Wiltshire
  2. Roberto Hanio Labrador
  3. De La Rosa
    • I Diaz
  4. Aridany Moreno
  5. Emil Sahlin
  6. Jayron Feliz
  7. Tayron Feliz
  8. Raul Lozano
  9. Sebastian Diaz

Line up

  1. Branden Roper-Hubbert
  2. Johan Weidolf DH
    • Dorian Mancilla Tirado
  3. Patrick Laffin
  4. Andreas Wahlin
  5. Joe Lankford
  6. Mathias Johansson
  7. Vilhelm Sundin
  8. Anders Ekberg
  9. Josef Hussein
  10. Kerry Fitzgerald – Not hitting.
    • Rickard Göransson

Top 1

Wiltshire was sent up as lead off again. Kerry seemed to have needed a few more warm up pitches.  He walked Wiltshire to first base. Not the best of starts. Labrador took a shot on the first pitch and hit a line drive towards second base. He reached first base on an error by second base. Wiltshire managed to steal second and then off to third and managed to get home plate as well through that error. First run scored at second and bat and poor Kerry had in the gap almost nothing to do with it. De La Rosa hit a liner between first and second base and made it to first base. Labrador advanced to second on that play. Moreno hit a liner between short stop and third base and advanced to first. De La Rosa advances to second base and Labrador to third. Bases loaded! The pitcher Sahlin strikes out swinging for the first out. Jayron hits a liner in the gap between the short stop and third base for a base hit. Labrador and De La Rosa scores. Tayron hits a fly ball to shallow right field for a base hit. Jayron moves to second and Moreno scores. Lozano strikes out swinging. Diaz is hitting from the number nine spot but leaves the Feliz brothers stranded after a strike out. The final strike out for the inning. Kerry simply had to do all the work by himself, striking out all three outs. No help by the defense. The spectators started to wonder where this game was heading with a start like this.

Bottom 1

Branden immediately sends signals to the team by crushing the first strike he sees. Way, way out of the arena for a lead off homer and of course a scored run! 4-1. Weidolf hits a grounder towards second base area and gets on base after the second baseman was charged with an error. Patrick sends one deep into right center field. However not deep enough the right field managed to catch it for the out. Wahlin hits a single into basically the same area as Patrick but the defense was not there quick enough to catch it. Wahlin hits a single and Weidolf advances to second. Lankford carefully picked his pitch and hit a hard ground ball between the short stop and second baseman that went deep into the outfield. Lankford converted the hit into a single. Weidolf scored from second base and Wahlin takes over second from Weidolf. Johansson hits the first pitch he sees and it flies into deep center field. The defense was immediately there to pick it up and no one got more than on base on that deep fly ball. Bases are loaded with one out. Vilhelm Sundin strikes out after three pitches. Ekberg, who did not have a good at bat in the first game was moved down to the number eight slot, got on base after being hit by the first pitch that were thrown at him. Wahlin walks in run number three. Hussein hits a liner just left of first baseman which was converted into a double! Lanford scores from third and Johansson scores from second. Ekberg got on third. Branden steps up to his second at bat for the inning. After taking a strike, he hits a ground ball which the short stop quickly converts to the final out on the throw to first baseman. An inning where a lot happened and the Sharks are ahead 4-5. Scoring by a great offense but let runs by a poor defense. The crowd gathered in the stands smiles after the Sharks bounced back immediately after such a bad start.

Top 2

Wiltshire leads off inning number two as well. This time he was retired after center field did a good job chasing the fly ball to shallow center field for the out.Good that the defense shows Kerry that they will help him from now on. Labrador hits a grounder that goes just over the second base plate, between short stop and second baseman, for a base hit. De La Rosa strikes out swinging. Moreno hits a pop up to second baseman for the final out of the inning. The defense is back on track!

Bottom 2

Weidolf strikes out swinging on the fifth ball tossed at him. Patrick hits a liner just right of third baseman and converts it into a double. Wahlin strikes out looking. Lankford, strengthened with a base hit from the previous inning showed that he were interested in hitting a cycle today, with his double that flied passed second base but dropped before it reached outfield defense. Patrick didn’t have to run that fast to score from second. Johansson ended the inning striking out, swinging. 4-6 to the Sharks!

Top 3

Kerry got some help from the defense in the second inning but takes no chances. Sahlin strikes out swinging after just three pitches. His second strike out after two appearances. Jayron strikes out swinging after a strike and the protecting the plate for a total of four pitches. Tayron does almost the very same thing, but the third strike was dropped but the catcher was there to tag for the out anyways. Kerry simply rules!

Bottom 3

Vilhelm learned the umpires strike zone after the first strike out looking and reached base on balls. Ekberg strikes out swinging and the number nine spot Hussein strikes out looking. Vilhelm stole second while Josef’s at bat. Branden again for his third appearance of the game. He hits a fly ball to right field for a double. Josef scores from second. Weidolf ends the inning by grounding out to the pitcher who makes the play to first.

Top 4

Lozano showed everyone that it was just bad look with the ump of that called third strike in the first and took no chances. He hits a fly ball to deep right field for a double. While Diaz at bat, Lozano reaches third base on a passed ball. Diaz eventually grounds out to Kerry who had plenty of time to make the play to first for the first out. Wiltshire at bat again and almost copies his last out. This fly ball to center field wasn’t as high as the first one though. Two outs and Labrador at bat. After taking two strikes he grounds out to the short stop making the play to first for the final out of the inning.

Bottom 4

Patrick leads it off by flying out to left field after falling behind 2-0. Wahlin reached base on balls. Lanford made it to first on a fielders choice which Wahlin had to pay for, grounding out to third base making the play to second base. Johansson struck out swinging for the final out of the inning. The first scoreless inning for the Sharks. Despite the short scoreless inning, the spectators was still smiling and not showing any tense feelings. The Sharks game right now is solid from the pitching side and solid offensively leaving nothing to worry about. What could possibly jinx this?

Top 5

De La Rosa reached first on an error by the short stop after a ground ball towards the short stop. Uh-oh. Not the start we were looking for! Moreno pops one up to the catcher who doesn’t have to move an inch to catch the ball for the out. De La Rosa did not expect that ball to go into the glove of the catcher and sure did not expect Patrick handle the ball so well making a quick play to the second baseman for the put out of the lead runner. Sweet, two outs! Sahlin, the strike out machine of game two got his game together and hit a liner just over second base for a base hit. Jayron hit a double into right center field on which Sahlin managed to score on from first base! The inning ends with 5-7 on the board when Tayron grounds out to the third baseman safely landing the play to first base.

Bottom 5

Vilhelm starts the inning with confidence of the run in the third. However, his at bat ends when he misses the ball, striking out swinging after 5 pitches. Ekberg grounds out to the pitcher who makes the play to first in time. Two outs. Josef takes one for the team. The pitch that hit him, didn’t seem to catch him by much but both the Umpire and Josef caught what happened and he was sent to first base. Josef got himself into scoring position by stealing second while Branden was at bat. Branden was walked to first eventually. A really bad decision by Branden got him caught stealing while Weidolf at bat. That was the final out and Weidolf will continue his at bat the next inning.

Top 6

Pitcher change with the Sharks. Kerry doesn’t show up for this inning. Turns out that he was late for catching a train. Rickard Göranson replaces Kerry. Rickard needed a few more pitches to get warmed up and unfortunately sent Lozano to first after being hit by a pitch. Diaz has a long at bat and protects the plate well until Göransson surrenders his fourth ball and walks him. Diaz moves along to second. Wiltshire at bat. A wild pitch sends Lozano to third and Diaz to second. Wiltshire eventually reached first base on a fielders choice where third baseman made the play to the catcher for the tag out. Labrador hits a hard fly ball to center field which Branden took care of. Not ending the play with that. He throws a monster throw to Joe at third tagging out the the lead runner for the inning. The pitching got a bit more nervous now, but the defense stepped up for some really nice plays to keep the Sharks in the game denying Alby any more runs.

Bottom 6

The bottom six was an anti climax to the action in top six. Weidolf continues his at bat and pops up to third baseman. Patrick grounds out to third baseman making the play in time to first base. Finally Wahlin grounds out unassisted to first baseman.

Top 7

The game got into a nervous period if you were sheering for the Sharks. Let’s hope that Göransson got his aiming gear worked out. De La Rosa starts it all off by grounding out unassisted to first base. One out, two to go! Moreno flies out to deep center field. Two outs. Sahlin hits a single which ground ball just passed the pitcher. Jayron walked at full count. Tayron on the other hand struck out swinging for the inning. Sweet! Two innings to go! 5-7 in favor of the Sharks.

Bottom 7

Lankford gets hit by a pitch and moves on to first. Johansson grounds out third baseman making the play to first. Lankford advances to second on the play. Vilhelm hit a hard liner towards second base but unfortunately the second baseman reacted fast and managed to catch the ball for the out.  Ekberg steps up to the plate. After some suspicious moves by the pitcher not starting the pitches correctly and stopping once he started finally catches the infield umpires attention and Lankford got a free card to third on a BALK. Ekberg failed to capitalize on that striking out looking for the final out of the inning.

Top 8

Lozano hits the first pitch he sees which goes deep into center field for Branden to catch for the first out. A second baseman to first baseman play on a ground ball sends Diaz back to the dugout. Wiltshire who flied out and reached on fielders choice this far continues his bad game grounding out towards first baseman which takes care of the forced out himself. One inning to go and the Shark defense really stepped up helping Göransson.

Bottom 8

This would be a great chance to get a few more runs on the board to give Göransson some room in the final inning. Josef striked out looking after three pitches. Not what the doctor ordered. Branden grows a full count and finally hits a fly ball, but it homered in on the center fielder who did no mistakes. Pinch hitter Dorian, replacing Weidolf strikes out after four pitches.

Top 9

Come on Göransson, come on Sharks! Just finish this one off so we can get our first win and send Alby home with a loss! Labrador leads Alby in their attempt to get at least two runs for extra inning chances. Göransson shows strength and concentration and Labrador strikes out swinging. De La Rosa takes a strike and hits a ground ball on the second pitch towards the short stop who makes no mistakes delivering the ball to first for the second out. Two at bats and two outs! Moreno shows up at the plate hitting a line drive just passed second base for a base hit. All we need is one out for the win! Sahlin at bat. Sahlin hits a line drive just passed second base on his right side from the home plate seen for a base hit. Sahlin makes it to third. One more out, come on!!! Jayron hits a monster deep into the right part of center field. Baserunners takes off. Fortunately Branden takes care of it for the final out and for the first win of the season!

The supporters were cheering and applauding the team for a well deserved win!

Game resources

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