Season 2013

Gothenburg Sharks @ Sundbyberg Heat (July 13)

Back from the summer vacation the hopes was that the Sharks had put some extra effort into their defense practices. Sundbyberg on the other hand could get a shot at second position by getting two wins.

It turned out that Sundbyberg was the more hungry team. Two wins for Sundbyberg with the numbers 4-13 and 5-12.

Gothenburg Sharks @ Alby (June 9)

The postponed games vs Akademin made the Sharks play six games within almost a week. This was the first game on the road of those. The hopes were up to catch at least one win from the Alby Stars. The initial home games left the Sharks with a feeling that they were robbed of one win. The first and only win this far was from the other game.

It turned out to be two wins by the Alby Stars! The first game was lost just 5-4. Almost like a rerun of the first game in Gothenburg where the Alby team stole a win. The second game lasted only for seven innings and was lost 12-2. Alby was noted for ten hits and ten runs of which eight was earned on Oskar Thorsbergs watch. Oskar normally plays for Gefle but did an appearance for Gothenburg these games. Joe actually pitched 2/3 of an inning in this game.

Akademin @ Gothenburg Sharks (June 6)

The postponed game from what should have been the home season opener. The Sharks didn’t have one of their best days. The umpires had to deal with an unusual batting out of order from the Gothenburg side. Gothenburg lost both games. Sharks vs Akademin game #1 8-16 and 2-12 (7). Curtis Dionne returned home to Sweden and pitched the first five innings of the first game and was responsible for three runs, defense one. Hiba Nabi had a tougher day and did not get very much help from the defense. Five of the twelve runs wasn’t earned. Willhelm Sundin didn’t have one of his best days in the hill in the second game (letting ten earned runs), but the help from the offense wasn’t there anyways. Two big wins for the Akademin!

Stockholm @ Gothenburg Sharks (June 1)

We really wanted this to be a receipt of the Sharks bouncing back, founding their way back on track. Defense stepping up where it needs to be and offense perhaps overachieving. We didn’t see any of that. While we’re working on the details you can have a sneak peak at the unofficial (and slightly incorrect) protocol of the second game between Stockholm At Goteborg. Gothenburg lost both games, scoring two runs in the first game while letting thirteen. The Sharks didn’t manage to get up on the board on the second game while Stockholm scored and kept on scoring.

Leksand Lumberjacks @ Gothenburg Sharks (May 25)

Standings after the walk off win in game #1 vs Leksand.

Standings after the walk off win in game #1 vs Leksand.

This turned out to be a shared double header with one win each. Gothenburg won game one by scoring no less than four runs in the bottom ninth for the walk off. Leksand took game 2 by scoring runs late in the game. The Sharks almost managed to stay on Leksands tail but fell short. Curtis Dionne joined up with the team after living abroad for some time.

Gothenburg Sharks @ Karlskoga Bats (May 18)

There is unfortunately not much to tell by those games yet. We’re currently lacking any information about the games besides that we got two tough losses. Both games ended in the seventh inning 11-1 and 16-5.

Alby @ Gothenburg Sharks (May 11)

There was finally time for the opening pitch on Shark Park. Alby was visiting and the sun was smiling in our faces. A double header was to be played and both teams came into the two games series with straight losses.

The Sharks had sharpened their teeth and was hungry for wins! Game one started with the American imports showing the way, both scoring in the first. However, Alby got up on the board and turned the game around scoring eight runs in the last four innings. The Sharks gave them chances to grab the win anyways but fell short. The last strike out of the game was with bases loaded. Sharks lost game one 10-9. The feeling was that Gothenburg gave up opportunities to Alby instead of Alby generating them, making the loss tougher.

The Sharks bounced back in game two where Branden showed the way with a lead off homer and the Sharks was in the front seat from the first at bat winning 5-7. Sending Alby back home with a loss in the luggage and the Sharks with the first winning streak of the season.

Gothenburg Sharks @ Stockholm (May 1st)

The Sharks started their season away versus Stockholm. It was obvious that the Sharks didn’t have any actual field practice before this season. The players had trouble calling plays and the overall communication left much to ask for. Despite that and the result, the manager Johan Weidolf saw some positive things for the team. 

Johan Weidolf about the double header:

It was very obvious that Gothenburg had no practice on an actual baseball field prior to the games. Several mistakes calling the ball and a hard time finding one another once the ball was under control. Adding to the complexity, we were reinforced by two guys from Jönköping and one from Gefle. It will take time to find one another, but we’ll get there. You can’t give away an out or two every inning, especially not to a team like Stockholm.

There were glimpses of good intentions and plays. Good pitching as well. With some more practice it will get a lot better fast! Don’t forget that we actually scored nine runs on them and had some really good at bats and hits.

Worth mentioning is that both Niba and Ville pitched really well. Ted had some problems controlling his pitches but had them really often to hit to the defense. Normally the defense should convert them to outs. His ERA that day didn’t really reflect his performance.

I was pleased with Brandens and Patricks performances. They both hit the ball well and contributed with a good defense!

A detailed report about game one.

A detailed report about game two:

Akademin @ Gothenburg Sharks

Hajarna vs Akademin

Hajarna vs Akademin

The opening day vs Akademin at Shark Park had to be postponed. The games will be played on the national day of Sweden, 6/6. Check out the calendar!

Hajarna vs Akademin







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