Season 2012

American coaches this year was the catcher Matt Winter and the pitcher Greg Ball. Here is what the club wrote in their press release after signing them.

Opening day was vs Akademin. The Sharks won both games. The second one got a bit too exciting where Göteborg turned the game around in the eight inning with two runs for the 6-5 lead. See the opening day post for 2013. What the club wrote about opening day in 2012.

The Sharks won the upcoming two home games vs Alby on the fifth of May.

The seasons first away game was vs Sundbyberg where Göteborg won the first 5-7. The second was lost 4-2. Matt Winter scored both runs in the second game. Patric Carlsson pitched six innings, three earned runs, three walks and two strike outs, Offensively Patric was noted for a double at his four at bats. Ted Bratsberg pitched the last two innings.

After the success the previous season with a second place in the series, Göteborg was qualified for European Cup play offs.

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